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We can customize your table settings and decorations to fit your wedding wishes. Within our 3,800 square foot facility, about 2/3 of our warehouse is filled with linens and décor. One thing we always want to tell our clients, email us before purchasing the entire retail store! Odds are, we have what you need and can rent it to you cheaper than you can purchase.

Below is generic pricing of our dishware and linens. Specialty linens and dishware will have an additional charge. 

Dish Rental


  • Real Chinette Setting Rental (includes dinner plate, silverware, and water glass): $2.00 per person
  • Formal Disposable Chinette - Silver Rim (includes dinner plate, silver silverware, paper napkin, and plastic cup): $1.00
  • Formal Disposable Chinette - Gold Rim (includes dinner plate, gold silverware, paper napkin, and plastic cup):  $1.30
  • Water Glasses: $0.70 each
  • Champagne Flutes: $0.70 each
  • Wine Glasses: $0.70 each
  • Beer Glasses: $0.70 each
  • Cocktail Glasses: $0.70 each
  • Cake or Appetizer Plates: $0.50 each
  • Flatware: $0.47
  • Charger: $1.00 each


Linen Rental Pricing

*This pricing is for the regular polyester material. Special material is quoted differently - please ask.*

  • Linen Napkins (price may increase depending on fold): $0.75
  • 120" Round Linen: $16.00 
  • 132" Round Linen: $18.00
  • 6 ft. TDP Linen: $20.00
  • 8 ft. TDP Linen: $20.00
  • Table Runners: $9.00
  • Overlays: $11.00
  • Chair Covers with Chair Sash: $3.50
  • Aisle Runner: $100.00
  • Pipe & Drape: $150.00

For more information about our rentals or items you had in mind, please contact us here.